For those who want to move on their own, in order to facilitate your stay at Giglio, please contact the

Pro Loco

The staff will provide you with a list of facilities in convention where you can book at the agreed price



Transferred to Ferry , always contact the local tourist office or book on your behalf making you enjoy the ” resident discount. ” E ‘ need to program very well indents, because of the crowd that there will be Sunday afternoon


ORARI MAGGIO 2019            TIMETABLE MAY 2019

Porto Santo Stefano – Isola del Giglio – Porto Santo Stefano

Dal 2 al 31 maggio dal lunedì a sabato / from 2th to 31th may monday to saturday

  MareG. ToreM. MareG. MareG. ToreM. ToreM.
Porto S.S. 7,30 8,30 10,30 14,45 16,00 19,00
  ToreM. MareG. ToreM. MareG. MareG. ToreM.
Giglio 6,00 9,00 11,00 13,15 16,45 17,30


Domeniche dal 01 al 31 maggio / Sundays  from 01th to 31th may

  ToreM. MareG. ToreM. MareG. MareG. ToreM. ToreM.
Porto S.S. 8,00 9,45 11,00 12,45 15,45 16,30 19,30
  ToreM. ToreM. MareG. MareG. ToreM. MareG. ToreM.
Giglio 6,30 9,30 11,15 14,15 15,00 17,15 18,00


It is highly recommended to leave the car in Porto Santo Stefano at the Parking Arrangement will apply a discounted rate of 10 Euros a day prior contact and reservations required.

ASIAMEL    3283521633


On the island it is operating a public transport service from / transfers

Giglio Porto Giglio Castello and Campese

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